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 SSRN & Mendeley Data Integration


Mendeley Data is an open research data repository available for researchers to upload and share their research data. SSRN’s integration with Mendeley allows researchers to upload their research data alongside their paper, during submission or post-submission via a widget. Data sets are available on the author’s article page.

A dataset is a term for a collection of research data files produced in the course of research for a paper or project, plus accompanying metadata: describing the data, and indicating who produced the data, and who may access it - i.e. title, description, categories, contributors, license and so forth.

Datasets can be shared privately amongst individuals and, published to share with the world. Sharing research data is important for science as it enables data reuse and supports the reproducibility of studies. Every dataset has a DOI (digital object identifier) for easy citation reference.


To find out how to include a Mendeley Dataset to your SSRN submission click here.

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