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 Sharing COVID-19 Preprints


Sharing COVID-19 Preprints

SSRN is supporting international efforts to aid in discoverability and use of COVID-19 preprints by sharing papers hosted on SSRN with groups who are collecting and disseminating Covid-19 early stage research. Organizations such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PubMed Central, Europe PubMed Central, etc. are gathering the latest international scientific findings and knowledge on COVID-19 and may choose to post your research on their respective websites.


Does agreeing to share my COVID-19 research with WHO, CDC, PMC, Europe PMC, etc. affect my ability to get published with a journal?

Policies among journals vary widely, so it is important to check with the journal you are interested in sending your paper to before sharing your preprint with any online repository.


My paper was already published in a journal. Is there is any conflict of copyright or interest if I permit your sharing?  

Policies among journals vary widely, so it is important to check with the journal you published with before agreeing to share your preprint with these organizations.


My paper is part of the Preprints with The Lancet on SSRN. Is The Lancet okay with sharing my preprint with these other organizations?

Yes. The Lancet is aware and supports these efforts of sharing preprints.


Is it possible to upload an updated version of our manuscript before it is shared with these organizations?

Yes. Reply to the "Permission to Share" email you received with your revised full-text PDF attached, and we will gladly update it on your behalf.

EXCEPTION: If your paper
 is included in the Preprints with The Lancet, manuscript revisions should be directed to preprints@lancet.com.


Where do I go to see my paper on the WHO, CDC, PMC, etc. repositories?

Each organization chooses which papers, graphs and/or excerpts to post. Check each official site for postings of their latest research as they do not share with us which papers they choose.


Interested in COVID-19 Preprints on SSRN? click here



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