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 SSRN & Copyright: What do I need to know?


SSRN & Copyright: How are the authors protected?

As an author posting a paper on SSRN, you are claiming ownership of the intellectual property. You do not transfer copyright for any papers (or other documents) you post on SSRN. When you upload a paper, you give SSRN the non-exclusive right to post and distribute your paper.


SSRN & Copyright: What can I post to SSRN?

Copyright gives the creator of intellectual property a set of specific rights associated with their works, to decide whether, and under what conditions, the work may be used by others. SSRN is committed to respecting the authors' rights to their papers as well as that of the publisher. In order for SSRN to disseminate research articles, we must verify that we have the necessary rights and that doing so does not infringe on the copyrights of others. 


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