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What is SSRN's Scholarly Paper Policy?

SSRN is devoted to the public display and distribution of scholarly research in a broad range of fields. SSRN does not peer review submissions. A submission that is not part of the worldwide scholarly discourse in its field is not eligible for public distribution through the SSRN eLibrary and SSRN's search engine.

NOTE: If you are submitting on behalf of an author, add yourself as an “Assistant” in the Author section. This will allow you to: submit on their behalf or make revisions. In order to add authors to the form, see Section 4: Adding Authors.

This is the window and text that appears when you submit a paper on SSRN. Please read the text that appears on the screen before proceeding.


SSRN does not take copyright on your paper. You are giving SSRN a non-exclusive right to post and distribute your paper. You retain the right to remove your paper from SSRN at any time.

For a full description of the SSRN Terms of Use, click SSRN’s Terms of Use




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