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Open PDF in Browser


If clicking Open PDF in Browser on an SSRN abstract page is not opening the full paper in your browser, you may need to change your browser settings.



1. Enter "chrome://plugins" into your address bar.

2. Click "Enable" under the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin to enable Chrome's default application, OR click "Enable" under Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to use a plugin instead.

*If you are not seeing this feature, it is because you are using Chrome version 57 or higher, use the following, chrome://settings/content*


1. Click on the menu button (three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your browser window).

2. Click "Options."

3. Click "Applications."

4. Click the drop-down menu beside "Portable Document Format (PDF)."

5. Select the option to "Preview in Firefox" (or you can select the "Use Adobe Acrobat/Reader" plugin if you have installed it).



1. Click Tools (gear icon).

2. Click "Manage add-ons."

3. Under Add-on Types, select "Toolbars and Extensions."

4. Select "Adobe PDF Reader" from the list of add-ons. (If you do not see this add-on, try changing your selection in the drop-down menu under "Show.")

5. Click "Enable" in the lower right hand corner of the Manage Add-ons pop up.

6. Click "Close."



1. In the Finder, select a PDF, and choose "File," then "Get Info."

2. Click the arrow next to "Open With" to expose the product menu.

3. Choose either "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" or "Adobe Acrobat DC" from the application menu.

4. Click "Change All."

5. When asked if you want to change all similar documents, click "Continue" to update your browser settings.

6. Launch Safari and choose "Preferences."

7. In the Preferences window, choose "Security" and then click the "Website Settings" button for  Internet plug-ins.

8. Now select "Adobe Reader" in the list of plugins.

9. Under the option When visiting other Websites, in the drop-down list, choose "Allow Always" and then click "Done."


Still having a problem viewing a PDF in your browser? Check out this helpful troubleshooting information from Adobe:


If you're still unable to open the PDF, let us know which browser and version you are using, and provide any details about the problem you are experiencing (including screenshots, if possible). Contact us at

Visit our FAQ for more information on viewing papers with the "Open PDF in Browser" function or more information about SSRN.

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