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 How do I add classifications to my paper?


What are SSRN's specialized Subject Area Networks?

SSRN’s six global research disciplines are home to relevant Subject Area Networks which provide a space for the easy discoverability of research within the topic area. Each network offers an efficient way to keep up-to-date on the latest research in the subject area by allowing readers to drill down to specific topics of interest and connect with content from peers. SSRN is dedicated to the advancement of science through open sharing and encourages authors to submit preprints as a first step to make an impact with their research.


Browse SSRN's eLibrary, research disciplines, and subject area networks.


Can I classify my paper into a network or eJournal I choose?

Yes. Research area experts categorize the paper into appropriate topic areas taking into consideration the classifications you choose during the submission process. You can select up to 12 subject matter eJournals for distribution relevant to your content in the SSRN Submission Form.


I would like to search and classify my paper into a specific eJournal.

If you know the name of the SSRN eJournal you wish to classify into, type it into the Search field and select it from the drop-down box. To browse the available eJournal choices, you can expand the list under "Browse SSRN eLibrary" by clicking the plus sign (+) next to the appropriate network. To select a classification, click the checkbox next to the relevant eJournal, topic, or sub-topic. Move your cursor over the classification names to see a more detailed description. As you select classifications, they will appear in a list at the top of this section. You can remove any classification by clicking the red minus (-) sign to the right of any classification. All of your classifications will be reviewed by SSRN classifiers as well as by the editors of each selected eJournal. The paper must be part of the worldwide scholarly discourse in the field covered by the eJournal and written within one year.


How do I know when and where my paper has been classified?

Once the paper review process is complete, the eJournal classifications of your submission will be available for review by our classifiers. You will notice that the "Status" column for your paper on your My Papers page contains a link that will give you information on the status and/or distribution schedule for each classification selected for this paper. See the article Has my paper distributed in SSRN’s eJournals? for more information.

No fee is charged for the submission of abstracts and papers for inclusion in the SSRN eLibrary and distribution in email eJournals. Authors are encouraged to submit all their research papers, including older papers.


When will my paper be announced in an eJournal?


Distribution times can vary depending on the popularity of the subject matter. You can generally expect to begin distributing a few days after your submission has been reviewed by staff.


If you need further assistance, submit a Ticket, and the Support Team will gladly assist.


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