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Would you like to include a downloadable PDF to your submission?


Follow the instructions below to add a downloadable PDF to your submission. 

These instructions assume that you have already submitted your paper. If you have not submitted your paper yet, please go to the "How to Create a New SSRN Submission" to submit your paper.


NOTE: Uploading a PDF is optional, but strongly encouraged. If you choose to upload a full-text paper, it must be a PDF file, and the title in the document must match the title entered in the "Title" section on the submission form and all authors with their affiliations must be noted on the PDF.


  1. Sign in to SSRN

  2. Click "My Papers" on the User HQ page

  1. Click "Revise" (or "Edit" if the submission/revision has not yet been processed) located to the left of the Abstract ID number of the corresponding submission

  1. Click on the PDF icon to upload a new PDF to the submission, and click on "Choose File". Navigate to where you have stored the PDF and click "Open". Click "Save" in that section.


NOTE: You can use these steps to replace a full-text PDF that has already been uploaded. When replacing a PDF, do not click the red "minus" button to remove the original PDF first since this will remove your download/view count. Instead, simply click "Choose File" or "Browse" to select a new file. The new upload will automatically overwrite the previous PDF.

Feel free to write to for further assistance.

Visit our FAQ page for more information about SSRN.

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