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Errors from your PDF?


Are you getting PDF corrupt message or a problem with your fonts?

Corrupt PDF's or Errors from PDF generation are rare, but when they do happen, alternative saving methods can be helpful.

Occasionally authors have problems with the PDF they upload for a submission that requires them to recreate the PDF and upload the new file to their submission. For help uploading the new PDF to your submission, click here.

The most common PDF problems include:

  • Corrupt PDF: If the PDF file is corrupt, readers will not be able to download and/or view the content of the PDF. You may also want to use a different program to save the PDF. SSRN recommends an online PDF creator called doPDF.
  • Fonts not Embedded: Sometimes when a PDF is created, not all fonts are automatically embedded in the file. When this happens, we ask authors to recreate the PDF with all fonds embedded. A helpful article about this can be found here.

If a paper on SSRN is giving you an error with Adobe and you think it is due to one of these issues, please contact

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