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Why Am I Getting a Firewall Alert?


There are a few reasons you might encounter a Firewall Alert while trying to access SSRN:

  • You may be accessing SSRN through a computer or Intranet/internet connection that has preexisting firewall settings which could have triggered this alert.

    • If so, please check with the IT department for the organization to ensure that there are no settings that would block SSRN.

    • You can also attempt to access SSRN using a different device or internet connection.

  • You may not be properly signed in to your account.

    • If so, you may need to clear your cache/cookies in your browser. When you have done this, you MUST close the browser window, and open a new window to sign in at

    • Please type the site URL into the browser instead of accessing SSRN from a link or your favorites as this type of link can hold cookie problems. If you are unfamiliar with how to clear your cache/cookies, click here.


If you need further assistance, submit a Ticket, and the Support Team will gladly assist.

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