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Common Conference Submission Problems


Problem 1: The status box states the submission is "Incomplete."

Please review the field that is marked incomplete and ensure all information is entered correctly.

For example: If the classification field is marked "Incomplete", click on "eClassification" near the bottom of the submission form. Use the scroll bar and browse tree to find the conference you are looking for. Select "+" beside the correct SSRN Network, then select "+" again next to the "Conferences & Meetings" category within that network. Click the checkbox next to the conference you are submitting to. The status box should now indicate that classification is complete.


Problem 2: The "Submit to SSRN" button is greyed-out.

Please make sure all required fields on the submission form are complete. You can verify which items are complete in the status box to the right of the page. 

If the conference requires a submission fee, the fee must be payed before the submission can be submitted to the conference. Please click "Pay Fee", fill out the form and submit your payment. You should then be able to click "Submit to SSRN."


Problem 3: I am unable to add co-authors to my conference submission.

To add co-authors to your submission...

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click "My Papers."
  3. Click the "Edit" button to the left of the submission.
  4. Click the Authors field expand it.
  5. Enter the author's name in the search field.  
  6. Select the correct author from the drop-down box. If the correct author is not found, click the “Enter New Author” button and enter the author's information.
  7. You can move an author up or down in the order on the submission form by clicking the arrows beside their name. 
  8. Click “save” when all authors are added correctly.


PLEASE NOTE: By default, the submitter is selected as an author. If you are not one of the  authors on the paper, you must click the Assistant radio button to remove yourself as Author. This will allow you to access the submission for editting from your My Papers page but will not list you as an author on the abstract page.


Feel free to contact for any non-conference specific questions.

Visit our FAQ for more information about SSRN.

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