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Problems Revising a Conference Submission


Problem 1: I am unable to revise my conference submission.

Some conferences do not allow revisions until after the review process is complete. This ensures the paper does not change while it is still being reviewed. If you have a question about when you can revise your conference submission, please contact the conference organizers or your SSRN conference manager


Problem 2: I submitted a revision, but the changes are not displaying on SSRN.

Please make sure the revision is in "Submitted" status (you can see this on your My Papers page, or on the status box on the submission form for that submission). If the revision is in "Not Submitted" status please... 

  1. Sign in to SSRN.
  2. Click "My Papers."
  3. Click "Edit" next to the submission in the In Process Papers section of the My Paper page to enter the submission form.
  4. Click "Submit to SSRN" or "Submit Revision" to post the submission and notify SSRN that it is ready for review.
    • If you want your changes to be visible right away, check the "Make Immediately Available" option directly below the "Submit" button.


Feel free to contact for any non-conference specific questions.

Visit our FAQ for more information about SSRN.

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