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Post Jobs & Announcenements on SSRN


Did you know SSRN posts job openings and other professional announcements? (We call them J&A's.) SSRN also uses these postings to advertise Conferences we host, new Research Papers Series, or other important information about our site.

J&A's can include:

  • information on open positions
  • conference or academic program announcements
  • calls for papers for conferences, journals, books and competitions
  • calls for applications/nominations for grants, awards, fellowships and scholarships
  • calls for proposals for grants, awards, research and more
  • announcements about new books or journals of interest
  • other professional information worthy of note

We distribute these ads weekly as "Jobs & Professional Announcements" emails for most of our Networks, similar to the way we distribute Subject Matter eJournals. To subscribe to a J&A...

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click "Subscriptions" on the menu to the left of the User HQ Welcome page.
  3. Click on the Network you are interested in receiving J&As from.
  4. Check the box at the bottom of the eJournal list for "[Network] Professional Announcements and Job Postings-JA".
  5. Click Back to save all changes to your Subscriptions.


J&A's are also posted on our site for more long-term exposure on our site and through external search engines:

  • Links to all J&A pages are posted on our FAQ page.
  • View the J&A's for each Network by clicking the Network button on the Homepage, then selecting "Job Openings" or "Professional Annoucements" from the list that opens under the Network button.
  • You can also search "SSRN announcements" or "SSRN job" through external search engines.


To post a J&A or for information on pricing, please contact Dana Hutchison.


Feel free to write to for assistance with subscribing to J&A's or with general questions about how J&A's work.

Visit our FAQ for more information about SSRN.

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