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Submit to a Conference through SSRN


To submit to a conference through SSRN...

  • Click on the conference specific link (in the call for papers or on the conference website or email from the conference) to access the SSRN welcome page for the conference.
  • Click "Start" on the SSRN conference welcome page to start your conference submission.

 photo confwelcome 665x413_zps72q60rm6.jpg


  • Decide whether to submit a "New Submission" or "Select an Existing Submission" by clicking the corresponding button.

 photo confsubmit 494x277_zpsk0wsvh7v.jpg


  • If you are submitting a New Submission, fill out the submission form. Click here for regular SSRN submission instructions. (You may need to reference this conference-specific post again when you come to the classifications field.)
  • If you are submitting an Existing Submission you should now see a list of papers available for you to submit to the conference. Click the blue "Submit" link toward the right of the paper you wish to submit to the conference.

 photo confexistingsub_zpsuci3v5gt.jpg


  • You are now on the submission form where you can revise the submission to prepare it for the conference if necessary. Make sure all fields are complete and as you would like them to appear for the conference.
  • Scroll down to the "eClassification" field. The conference should already be selected and expanded, but you will need to choose the topic most appropriate for your submission by clicking the corresponding checkbox.

 photo confclass 640x387_zps21iwg2y7.jpg


  • Verify that all fields in the Status box to the right are marked complete. Review the submission to make sure any desired changes have been made.

 photo Statusbox_zpsz0bmn7xc.png


  • Click "Submit to SSRN" at the bottom of the Status box.
  • A pop-up asking you to certify you have permission to submit the paper (copyright) will appear. Check the box to the left of "I certify" then click "Submit to SSRN."

 photo confconfirmsub 433x274_zpss55g3ozq.jpg


  • You will be directed to a confirmation page when the submission has successfully been made to the conference.


Please contact your SSRN conference manager with any conference-related questions.

Feel free to contact SSRN Support with general questions about SSRN. You can also check out our FAQ.

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