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Do you have a Non-English submissions?


Handling Non-English Submissions

In order for a paper to be publicly available and searchable on SSRN, the author must provide both the English and non-English versions of the Title and Abstract. Separate the two versions of the Abstract with a "hard return" (blank line).

Click here for an example of how non-English submissions currently appear on SSRN.

Currently, non-English submissions do not distribute in our Subject Matter eJournals unless both an English and non-English version of the full paper are both included on the PDF for the submission. To make your paper eligible for distribution, you may submit an English language PDF file. The PDF must display all authors along with their affiliations. (The exception is our Hebrew Research Network.)

If there is an English version of your non-English paper on SSRN (or vice versa), we can link the submissions to increase readership and ease of access.

When you submit another version of a paper that is already on SSRN in a different language, please leave an Author Comment (by clicking "Add/View Comments" on the submission form) notifying us of the title and Abstract ID numbers of the other submission to help us find and link the correct papers.

NOTE: SSRN does not provide translation services.


Please don't hesitate to contact SSRN Support at with any further questions or concerns about this, or anything else on SSRN.

Visit our FAQ page for more information about non-English submissions and more.

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