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Not sure how to handle versions of your paper?


Do you have multiple versions of the same paper that should be grouped together or consolidated?

Depending on your situation, there are two options for combining submissions. 

Option 1: Version Group

Submissions that are different versions of the same work (eg. and English or non-English version; a conference, accepted/published, and working paper version) should be version grouped so that readers can view the evolution of the work. 

Version Grouped submissions are “grouped” under a single title on your Author Page, with the ability to expand the group and download each paper individually. Both cumulative and individual download count(s) are displayed for all papers within the group. SSRN automatically groups papers that are substantially the same, but we do not have the ability to group papers perfectly in all situations. Let us know if you believe your papers need to be grouped or "un-grouped." 

Option 2: Consolidate

Submissions that are the same paper, or that are iterations of the same work, should be consolidated. This avoids reader confusion or frustration at being confronted with multiple submissions that are almost identical. Consolidation also means the paper's download count will rank if higher (since the downloads from the two submissions are combined into one).

In this option, we manually combine the data (including downloads) into one submission with a single Abstract ID. When choosing this option, it is necessary to provide us with the Abstract ID of the submission you would like to keep. 

NOTE: If the submission you are choosing to remove was recently announced in one of our eJournals, the link to the paper from the eJournal will no longer work and will result in an "Abstract Not Found" page. 

NOTE: Inclusion in a Research Paper Series, active conference, and/or charging collection make some papers ineligible for consolidation. These papers can be combined by version grouping. 


Please contact us at with any further questions or concerns.

Visit our FAQ page for more information about grouping papers on SSRN. Or check out this blog post about paper versions.


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