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How do I add a Reference to my SSRN paper?


Identifying a paper as Accepted or Working Paper

For more detailed instructions with screens, please visit the "How to Create a New SSRN Submission" article.


In the References section of the submission form, identify the paper as either a working paper or as an accepted paper. Click on the question mark in this section for more information. 


Working Paper Series (WPS)

  1. If the paper you are submitting is a Working Paper (WPS)/Pre-Print and appears or has been selected to appear in a Paper Series, Journal or Book select “Yes”. A search field will then appear. Enter the name of your working paper series (or a portion of it) into the search field. Please note that ONLY Organizations/Journals that SSRN has a relationship with will appear in the search results.

  2. If your series is found, select your series/journal from the search results. The page will refresh and you will then have an editable field to enter the working paper number/publication details. Enter the paper number/publication details.

  3. If your series is not found, click "Enter New Reference" and manually enter the name of the working paper series.

You may repeat the above process as many times as needed to enter all the working paper series applicable to this submission. When finished, click "Save."


Accepted Paper Series (APS)

If this paper you are submitting is in an Accepted Paper Series (papers accepted for publication), and appears or will appear in one or more Journals/Books

  1. To enter an "Accepted Paper Series" reference, click on the "APS" radio button following the question "Is this a working paper or an accepted paper?".

  2. In the search field that appears, enter the name of the journal/book (or portion of it). When the results appear, select your journal/book from the search results list. The page will refresh and you will then have one or more editable boxes to provide additional information. Please note that ONLY Organizations/Journals that SSRN has a relationship with will appear in the search results

  3.  This is not a comprehensive list of references. If the journal/book does not appear in the results, you will be prompted to enter your reference. Click "Enter New Reference", and a box will appear for you to enter the reference manually. 

  4. Repeat this process as necessary to enter multiple references or working paper series IDs. Click the red minus (-) sign next to any unwanted entry to remove it. When finished, click "Save."

If you need further assistance, submit a Ticket, and the Support Team will gladly assist.

Visit our FAQ page for more information about SSRN.

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