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Post Published/Accepted Papers (APS)


If you want to post a published paper on SSRN or indicate that a previously posted paper has now been published, make sure this does not violate any copyright agreements. (If you are creating a new submission for a paper that has been accepted or published, click here.) If you do not have the rights to post the published paper, you may be allowed to post a working/pre-publication version of the paper, or the abstract. Ask your publisher to find out more about your copyright agreement.


If you are allowed to post the full text of this paper on SSRN:


1. Sign in to SSRN.

2. Click "My Papers."

 photo MyPapers_zpsoargiiv0.png

3. Click "Revise" beside the submission you wish to update.

 photo revise_zpshnvt3ykq.png

4. In the Reference field of the submission form, click "working paper series" or the area that displays your previous reference information to expand the field.

 photo reffieldexpanded_zpsbfopndvm.png

5. Select "APS" (accepted paper series) instead of "WPS"  (working paper series).

6. Type the name of the journal or publication where you paper appeared, then enter the rest of the publication information where prompted.

  • If the publication is not found, click "Enter New Reference" and type the publication information into the text box that appears below the search field.

7. Click "save."


8. If you need to replace the existing PDF with a new PDF, click on the PDF icon at the top of the submission form, then click "Browse" or "Choose File" to select a PDF to overwrite your current PDF. Do not remove the existing PDF by clicking the red minus button. This will reset your download count to zero.

 photo PDfnotexpanded_zpsrnfkhyfj.png

 photo PDFexpanded_zpsifbygqto.png

 9. When you have made all the desired changes, click "Submit Revision."

 photo submitrevision - circled_zps7h9prlky.png


Your revision should be processed within 24 hours.


Please contact us at if you have any trouble revising your submission, or if you have any further questions.

Visit our FAQ page for more information about SSRN.

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