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How do I submit to SSRN?


Submitting a Paper on SSRN


NOTE: Please review the Submission Checklist before submitting your paper and the SSRN Submission Process Instructions.

1. Sign in (or create a free account) with SSRN

2. Click "Submit a Paper" on the header of the SSRN homepage.

3. A submission will generate. Click continue in the Orange box to continue to the Submission form. 

4. Click on each field of the Submission Form to expand it and enter the correct information. Many authors choose to copy and paste the required information from their PDF to fill in the submission form more quickly.

NOTE: You must click on Save in each section of the form before submitting your paper. The reference section will NOT close when you click Save, this is normal behavior.

Once the submission form is complete, you will see "Complete" and a check mark next to each item on the Status box located on the right side of the page. If you are not seeing the Status box please expand your Browser.

CAUTION: As you fill out the submission form click "Save" on each section to ensure that no work is lost. If you decide to leave the form before submitting the paper, you can come back and finish later if you clicked "Save" in each section and clicked on the "Save and Close All” link at the top of the submission form" before closing the browser window.
To return to the form, go to your My Papers page accessible from your SSRN HQ page. The paper will be listed in the "In Process Papers" section of your My Papers Page and its status in the Status column will be "Not Submitted". To continue the in-process submission or revision click on the Edit button in the Edit Column for this submission.

When you are sure that all the information has been input correctly on the submission form, click "Submit to SSRN" in the status box to the right. 

After you click Submit, our system will run through your submission. You may see "loading" icons appear and flash on your screen. A box will pop up asking you to certify that you have permission to post the paper. Check the box if you have permission, then click "Submit." If you do not complete this step, your paper will remain un-submitted!

Your paper is Immediately Available on SSRN unless you choose to make the paper Privately Available (this button is located where you upload your PDF)

If these instructions were not detailed enough to explain your particular submission situation, see more detailed instructions in the video or attachment below.




If you need further assistance, submit a Ticket, and the Support Team will gladly assist.Visit our FAQ page for general information about SSRN.



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