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Is SSRN Free?


SSRN has many free features open to all users:

  • Creating an account
  • Manage your contact information including your institutional affiliation
  • Submitting an unlimited number of papers
  • Distribution of your abstracts in relevant Subject Matter eJournals (if eligible)
  • Subscribing to any of our free Subject Matter eJournals
  • Searching for/viewing all abstracts and author pages on our site
  • Downloading most papers (Click here for information on charging papers)
  • Viewing the SSRN Rankings for authors, papers, institutions and Subject Matter Networks
  • Viewing the references and citations tabs on a paper's abstract page


Some features on SSRN require a fee:


To sign in or to create a free SSRN User HQ account, click here and look for the Member Sign-in area. 

Visit our FAQ page for more information about free use of SSRN.

Please contact us at for more specific information or assistance.

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