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How do I Resolve my SSRN Download Problems?


When clicking the "Download this Paper" button you should be prompted to "Open" or "Save" the PDF.  This message will pop-up in a dialogue box or above the task-bar at the bottom of your screen.  

If you are not given these options:

  1. Try looking for it in the Download History tab of your MyBriefcase page. You must, be signed in to access this page.
  2.  Clear your browser's cache or cookies.
  3. Send the paper to yourself by clicking the "Email" link above the abstract.

If there is no "Download this Paper" button:

  1. The paper may be available by purchase only.
  • You can click "Add to Cart" to purchase this paper, or if you are a subscriber to the organization who has posted the paper (eg. NBER, CEPR, etc.) click the link (if available) to login or download the paper through their site.

The author may not have provided a full-text version of the paper to SSRN.

  • In this case, you can request a copy from the author directly using the information at the bottom of the abstract page or on their author page, which you can access by clicking their name.

There are other factors which may affect your ability to download a paper. If you're still unable to download the paper after trying the above suggestions, please contact us at for more specific assistance.

Visit our FAQ page for more information about downloading SSRN papers and more.

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