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 What are my SSRN paper statistics?


SSRN's citation counts are derived from a combination of two sources: SSRN and Crossref. From SSRN, the counts captured are references from papers posted on SSRN's website. From Crossref, the counts captured are references from content registered with DOIs on Crossref. You can find Crossref's registered publishers and journals at https://www.crossref.org/06members/51depositor.html.

NOTE: The citation count algorithm on the SSRN website is specific to SSRN and will differ from citation counts in Google Scholar and other similar sources.

Here is a guide to understanding the Citation tabs which may appear your abstract page:

  • Citations - The Citations tab on your SSRN abstract page represents instances of other papers citing your paper. Self-citations are not counted toward your citations count. The other paper citing your paper must be on SSRN and the reference in their PDF must be within a dedicated references section in order to be captured and counted in your citations count.
  • References - The References tab on your SSRN abstract page represents instances of your paper citing other SSRN papers. If your paper cites or references another paper on SSRN, the author of that paper will be credited with a citations count.
  • Footnotes - The Footnotes tab on your SSRN abstract page represents the contents of all the footnotes Citation Service found in your paper. References to other papers found as footnotes are not counted in the citations count of that author's paper. You will need to place references to other SSRN papers in a dedicated references section of your PDF in order for them to be counted.


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