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 How do I revise a submission?


To revise a submission follow these instructions:


  1. Sign in to SSRN

  2. Click "My Papers" from the left-hand navigation menu

  1. Click the "Revise" button located to the left of the Abstract ID number for that submission

  2. Make all desired changes (click any field to expand it for editing being sure to click "Save" when you are done).  Click "Submit Revision" in the status box to the right of the submission form to finish the revision process.


NOTE: If you do not click "Submit Revision," your revision will not fall into a queue for processing by SSRN. The submission will remain in "Not Submitted" status and your changes may not appear on the public abstract page for the submission.


Below are case-specific instructions on how to revise a paper.

To replace the PDF, click on the file name at the top of the submission form, click "Browse" or "Choose File", and select the new file to initiate the upload. You do not need to remove the original PDF; the upload will simply overwrite the old file, and you should see the current time and date under the new file.

You can change a paper from a WPS (Working Paper Series) to an APS (Accepted Paper Series), by revising the submission. Click in the area that either says "working paper series" or contains your existing reference, and select "APS". This will bring up a search where you can type in a few words from the journal's title. NOTE: Only Journals that have a relationship with SSRN will show in the drop-down box. Enter the date, volume, issue, and page numbers where the paper appeared if possible, or enter zeros if the paper is forthcoming. If the Journal is not found, you will need to click "Enter New Reference" (this button only appears when text is entered in the search box). Re-enter the journal name and then click "Save".

Once on the submission form, click the eJournal Classifications field on the submission form to expand it for editing. You should see a search field, and a browse tree listing the SSRN Networks. Existing submissions should also have a list of any current classifications selected for the submission.

You can add a new classification by either typing the eJournal name (or keywords from the name) into the search field then selecting the eJournal you want from the drop-down menu, or by expanding the Browse tree to find relevant eJournals within the appropriate Network, then check the box beside an eJournal to select it.

Once you have added the desired classification(s), click "Save" and click "Submit Revision" or "Submit to SSRN" if no further changes need to be made to the submission form.

To remove a revision of an SSRN paper, please login at ssrn.com and go to the "My Papers" section of your account. Under the "In Process Papers" section you will see the revision listed and to the right of the title will be a button marked "Delete". By clicking this you will delete only the revision and no changes will be made to the paper. Deleting a revision will not affect your submission on SSRN.



If you need further assistance, submit a Ticket, and the Support Team will gladly assist.


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