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Has my paper been Distributed?


To see whether your paper is scheduled to distribute, or has already distributed, in one of our eJournals please do the following steps:

1. Sign in to SSRN.

2. Click "My Papers."

photo MyPapers_zpsoargiiv0.png

3. Under the Status heading for each Publicly Available paper, either "Approved" or "Distributed" will appear.

  • The status will change from “Approved” to “Distributed” once it has been scheduled to be announced in one or more of SSRN's eJournals.

4. Click the word “Distributed” to view the classification and distribution information for that submission.

  • The announcement date in each eJournal will depend on the distribution schedule of each particular journal and also the number of submissions in the distribution queue for each journal. Note: If you create/submit a revision BEFORE the date that the paper has been Distributed, the paper will be pulled out of the Distribution Que for the Journal(s) it has already been Accepted and Scheduled into. Once the revision has been approved the paper will fall back into the Distribution Que for the next Journal Distribution date.

PLEASE NOTE: A submission is not eligible for distribution in SSRN's subject matter eJournals if the date the paper was written is more than one year ago.


Read the note on our FAQ page for more information on eligibility for distribution in our eJournals.

To subscribe or unsubscribe from the eJournals your papers could appear in, click here.

If you need further assistance, submit a Ticket, and the Support Team will gladly assist.

Visit our FAQ page for information about our eJournals and more!

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