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How do I add authors to my submission?


These instructions assume that you have already submitted your paper. If you have not submitted your paper yet, please go to the "How to Create a New SSRN Submission" and follow the instructions there.


Follow the instructions below to add authors to your submission. 

  1. Sign in to SSRN

  2. Click "My Papers"

  3. Click the "Edit" (or "Revise") button to the left of the submission

  4. Click to expand the Authors section

  5. If you are the Author, your name will appear in the “Selected Authors” section. One author must be declared to be the Primary Contact. That author must have a valid email address in the SSRN system

NOTE: Pre-existing author records in the system can only be updated by the author him/herself or SSRN internally.

  1. To add a Co-Author type in the Name or Email and click on Search. We display the primary affiliation and redacted email address associated with their primary affiliation in the search results when you search for names.

  1. Search results are divided into "Current SSRN Authors" (defined as someone who has at least one scholarly paper in the SSRN eLibrary) and "SSRN members with No Papers Currently on SSRN".

  2. If you do not find who you are looking for in the "Current SSRN Authors" list, look through the "SSRN members with No Papers Currently on SSRN" list to see if your co-author has an account with SSRN but has not posted any papers. To search by email the search term must be an exact match to deliver the result.

  3. If the author is not found on either list, use the “Add a New Author to SSRN” link (found at the bottom of the Authors section).

  4. When the Submitter is Not the Author - Are you the submitter, but not the author? By default, the submitter is treated as an Author and as the Primary Contact. If you are submitting on behalf of the author, you must add the author to the submission, designate them as the primary contact, and then change yourself to "Assistant" (by clicking the "Assistant" radio button). This will ensure your continued access to the submission and ensures that you will not appear as an author of the paper on the public abstract page. Click "Save" when complete.

  5. To add a New Author to SSRN: Enter the required fields, including the author's email address. The e-mail address acts as the unique identifier in the SSRN system for that person. Click “Submit”.

  6. When prompted to "Add Affiliation", type in the author’s organization and select “Search”.

  7. If the affiliation does not exist, click “here”.

  8. Fill out the New Organization form and select “Add New”

NOTE: If you do not have the email for your co-author, you will not be able to add them to the submission. Use the Save and Close All link at the top of the submission form. Once you have obtained the necessary information, you may return to the submission via your My Papers page. Click "Edit" and proceed with your submission.

Visit our FAQ page or watch the Submission Demo for more information.

For further assistance from our Customer Support Team, submit a Help Ticket or call 1 877 SSRNHELP (877 777 6435 toll free) or 1 212 448 2500 outside the US.

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