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How do I add authors to my submission?


To add authors to your submission:


1. Sign in to SSRN.

2. Click "My Papers"

photo MyPapers_zpsoargiiv0.png


3. Click the "Edit" (or "Revise") button to the left of the submission.

photo revise_zpshnvt3ykq.png

photo NewCoAuthorSearch_zpsxnm7nkt0.png

4. Click the name of any listed author to expand the Authors field.


5. Click the + beside your co-author's name to add them to the submission. To find your coauthor:

  • Check the "Co-Authors and Assistant History" area to find co-authors you have added to previous submissions.
  • If your co-author is not listed, enter their name or email in one of the "Search for a New Co-Author" fields and click "Search."
  • If your co-author is not found, click "View Search Results for SSRN members with No Papers Currently on SSRN" to view more results. (HINT: If you find too many results, enter the author's first or last name in quotes to search for exact matches only. Otherwise, accounts with names that contain the search term will be displayed as well as exact matches.)
  • If your co-author is still not found, click "Add a New Author to SSRN" and enter the author's name, email and affiliation. (PLEASE NOTE: This is the only time you will be able to access your co-author's account to add or edit information.)


6. You can move an author up or down in the order on the submission form if needed by clicking the arrows to the left of their name in the "Selected Authors" area near the top of the Authors section. (The arrows only appear when multiple authors are entered.)


7. Click “Save” when all your co-authors have been added.


8. Click "Submit to SSRN" or "Submit Revision" when all desired changes have been made to the submission form.

photo Statusbox - Submit_zpshte1tyif.png


PLEASE NOTE: By default, the submitter is selected as an author. If the submitter is not an author of the paper, click the Assistant radio button. This will allow the submitter to access the submission from the My Papers page but will not list them as an author on the public abstract page for the submission. 



Feel free to write to us at for further assitance.

Visit our FAQ page or watch the Submission Demo for more information.

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