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Remove/Delete a Paper


You may remove papers at anytime by going the to the "My Papers" section of your account and clicking "Modify" next to the submission.  You will have three options to chose from: 

1. Remove the attached PDF file but leave the abstract in SSRN's eLibrary.  The abstract only submission will remain publicly available and searchable in SSRN's eLibrary and will still display on your Author Page in the "Scholarly Papers" section.

2. Make it Privately Available. The paper will be moved to the "Privately Available" section of your My Papers page and will not display on your Author Page.  If you want it displayed in the "Other Papers" section of your Author Page, check the "Include on Author Page" box next to the submission.  

3. Make it Inactive- Remove it from SSRN's eLibrary. The paper will be removed from the SSRN eLibrary.  It will display in the "inactive" section of your My Papers page and will not display on your Author Page. 

PLEASE NOTE: Detaching the PDF from the submission will reset the downloads to zero.

Feel free to contact us at with any further questions or concerns.

Visit our FAQ page for information about removing your SSRN paper and more!

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