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What is SSRN Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy?


To learn about SSRN's Copyright Policy review the content on this page and the corresponding links.

To read the SSRN Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy click here

SSRN respects the intellectual property rights of researchers, scientists, publishers and others and asks that you do too. Accordingly, you may only post versions of academic papers and articles (“Academic Papers”), journal articles, or other content on the Social Science Research Network (“SSRN”) site if you have the right to do so. By way of example, while many journal publishers permit posting of some versions of Academic Papers, most journals restrict the sharing of final versions. To be sure you have the right to upload such content, you should review your publishing agreement, the publisher’s copyright policies, and/or any other applicable information prior to posting any version of an Academic Paper.

You do not transfer copyright for any papers (or other documents) you post on SSRN. You grant SSRN a non-exclusive, revocable license that allows SSRN to provide its services to SSRN users. You retain the right to remove your paper from SSRN at any time, or to leave the paper on SSRN but make it only privately available.

You may post your paper to SSRN only if you are the copyright owner, have the copyright owner’s permission, are permitted to do so under your publishing agreement or the publisher’s copyright policies or your institution’s license agreement or under a Creative Commons license.

SSRN reserves the right in its sole discretion to delete or remove from the public eLibrary material that violates the rights of third parties or SSRN policy, as well as the right to terminate or restrict your right to post material on SSRN.

Generally, an author can convey a non-exclusive license to SSRN, unless he or she has given exclusive electronic rights to a publisher. If you do not own the copyright, many publishers will allow you to post the title and abstract of your work on SSRN. If you have questions about copyright, please contact the publisher, your librarian or SSRN.

SSRN holds copyright on its own pages and software and SSRN-created content and presents author content with the permission of the author or copyright holder.

The materials on SSRN may be downloaded solely for personal, non-commercial informational or scholarly use. No materials may otherwise be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed. SSRN, and/or any other names of products or services provided by SSRN or referred to on this web site are trademarks of SSRN.


For questions regarding copyrighting, please send your message to

Or visit our FAQ page for more information about copyright and SSRN.


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