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 What should I do if I suspect a publishing ethics violation, such as plagiarism, in a paper posted on SSRN?


At SSRN we take plagiarism very seriously. When there has been a report of plagiarism our team will work with you to help understand the violation and determine the best path forward.

Complaints and queries related to publishing ethics issues, such as plagiarism, should be sent to ethics@ssrn.com.

Emails directed to ethics@ssrn.com should include the following:

  1. The name, organizational affiliation, and email address of the claiming party;
  2. The original document (or the specific URL where the content is located) and evidence showing original authorship;
  3. A description of the offense, including specific examples demonstrating the violation.

If we determine, in our sole discretion and judgment, that a user has failed to comply with the Terms of Use, we reserve the right at any time to take all or any of the following actions (and any other action we reasonably deem appropriate):

  • (i) temporary or permanent withdrawal of the right to use SSRN and/or closure of the relevant account;
  • (ii) temporary or permanent removal of any posting or material uploaded by a user to SSRN;
  • (iii) issue of a warning;
  • (iv) use any technological, operational or other means available to us to enforce the provisions of the Terms of Use.
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