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Add/Update your Affiliation(s)


Would you like to add an affiliation to your profile?

To add your affiliation(s) follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to SSRN.
  2. Select "Affiliations" from the left-hand navigation in HQ, or from the drop-down under the icon in the upper right on the home page
  3. Select "Add Affiliation" and you will be directed to the Add Affiliation screen.
  4. Enter the name of your organization in the "Organization Search" area and click on "Search"
  5. Select the name of your organization and click "Submit" when complete.

NOTE: To select the Organization click on the organization's name. To view departments within an organization click on the "See Departments" button. 

  • If your organization is not found, you will see this message "If you have searched for your organization and it does not exist please click here". Click the word "here" to add your organization. Please be sure the organization really does not exist on SSRN before adding a new organization. Start by searching part of the name to be sure, SSRN's search feature only looks for exact matches.
  • Optional: You can narrow your affiliation down to a specific department within your organization by clicking "See Departments" (if available).
  • Optional: After selecting your organization, enter your Title, a preferred organziation display name, or additional public contact information before clicking "Submit." 

Once you have made all the desired changes, click "Update"


Need to modify or remove your affiliation(s)?

To modify/update your current information for an affiliation:

  1. Select "Edit" beside the respective affiliation and make the necessary changes.
  2. When your changes are complete select "Update".  

NOTE: Writing in the "Preferred Organization Name" field will NOT update your affiliation, it will simply change how the name displays.  

To be included in the SSRN Author Rankings, and to contribute to your affiliation's ranking, you must keep an up to date, accurate affiliation with SSRN.  

To remove an existing affiliation, click "Deactivate" then click "OK." This will remove the affiliation from displaying under your name on public SSRN pages.

NOTE: The information found in the Affiliations section is displayed as your public contact information on your author page, abstract pages, and rankings pages. The information found in the Personal Info section is primarily for billing purposes and designating the eJournal delivery e-mail address. 


Feel free to write to for further assistance.

Visit our FAQ page for information about changing your Affiliation on SSRN and more!


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